Step 1 Tell Congress to Enact Term Limits

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Step 1  Tell Congress to Enact Term Limits

There are at present eight Joint Resolutions in Congress specifying a constitutional amendment creating term limits for members of the House of Representatives and Senate. All of them have ended bottled up in the House or Senate Judiciary Committees, where powerful Chairmen have held them indefinitely without being considered or combined into a single bill to allow for a floor vote.

Only through ratification of a constitutional amendment establishing limits of three terms in the House of Representatives and two terms in the Senate can we restore the vital process of rotation in office and participation by citizen legislators, as intended by our founders. 

We the undersigned demand that the House and Senate Judiciary Committees act on the congressional term limits resolutions already submitted, and release a bill for consideration by both chambers of Congress.

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If it's good enough for the president, then congress is long overdue. The abuse of power must stop!
The only way to restore a sense of duty to the constituency, instead of the big donors to get re-elected, is to make their time in office limited.
Time to enact term limits on those in DC. The presidnets has term limits. Everyone else should also.
How can a career politician properly represent the real interests of a private citizen? He can't. Put someone in who will have to return to the community to make his living afterward, not a shill living off the largesse of lobbyists.
No more career politicians. No more nepotism. Let's bring integrity back to our Government.
we need representatives in Congress who are more interested in solving the problems of our nation than in getting reelected.
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